28 weeks, 1 day (day 10 in the hospital)

by Lara on August 18, 2019


I am forming a command center of sorts here. My focus is clear—I can still run the family logistics from the hospital. Daddy is extremely competent, about 10,000 times more capable than your average father, but he is only one person, and he will need help.

You will figure out pretty quickly, so I may as well tell you now, that Daddy is a far, far better human than I am. This is not something I have ever once doubted, but since this ordeal began it is something that I must address.

I met Daddy when I was 16. As an adult, and especially as your mother, I am supposed to tell you that this is much too young to fall in love and emotionally commit to a relationship.

And in theory, I do believe this.

I believe this, unless the person you meet when you are of any age is a person with the integrity, character, and commitment as the one I met.

Then, Birdy, you’ve gotta hold on.

He has known me, over the last 18 years, at my absolute worst. He has seen me at my most physically repulsive. He has heard the ugliest words come out of my mouth. He has listened to the darkest thoughts that race through my mind.

He knows my every secret, flaw, and insecurity. He knows what I will say and do before I say or do it.

Somehow, he still loves me. Fiercely. I don’t know that I will ever understand it. The only rationale I can muster is that I must have been an extremely virtuous person in a former life. Like, top 10 saints of the world.

In this life, though, there is no contest. He is the best person I know.

Hopefully, it will be later, rather than sooner, that you get to meet him. But just know: we are the lucky ones.

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Sara August 22, 2019 at 6:24 am

Beautifully written. ❤️


Lauren August 22, 2019 at 12:09 pm

I cried.


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