Truck books for little ones (Top 10)

by Lara on August 18, 2015


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Motherhood has been full of surprises so far. Among them is the rather impressive truck education I have received in the last year or so, since my son began to live and breathe everything trucks, trucks, trucks. Though I have consciously tried not to limit G’s interest to any one subject, the kid really loves trucks. He has a particular obsession with construction trucks, and we have spent a lot of time scouting out construction sites and camping out like creepers watching those beloved trucks do their work.

Since weather (and my sanity) doesn’t always allow for being construction site groupies, I’ve taken to feeding his interest through accumulating copious amounts of books on the subject, so I thought I would share some of his favorites to make another parent-to-a-truck-lover’s life a little easier.

Construction books for toddlers

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

The one that started it all! If tragedy strikes and this book were to suddenly disappear from our house (ahem, not that I’d be responsible for that), there is nothing to fear, for everyone in our household has it memorized, word for word. The creators of this book were also clever enough to produce lots of fun spin-off toys, such as a memory game, magnet set, and stuffed digger (*cough* don’t ask me how I know).

Construction books for toddlers

Digger and Tom!

A lesser known truck book, but a very lovable story with cute illustrations and a great message. G “reads” this from memory to himself all the time, and I actually credit it for helping him build up his word count in the early days of speech acquisition.

Construction books for toddlers

My Big Truck Book

This one is great for even the littlest truck lovers. It’s a reference book of sorts and will provide a great crash course in trucks for those of us who previously identified all CATs as “tractors” (oh, the shame).

Construction books for toddlers Diggers Go

A very simple book for younger toddlers. When we first checked this out from the library, I wanted to return it immediately because it contains mainly sounds (made by the trucks) as opposed to introducing new words. It turned out that G loved the sounds and wanted to imitate them, which really contributed to his language in the long run.

Construction books for toddlers
Roadwork, Demolition, and Construction

This is a great trio of books that nail the whole rhyme and rhythm formula. The illustrations are captivating and they include a mix of good vocabulary and fun “action” sounds.

Construction books for toddlers

B Is for Bulldozer

This is an ABC book. The illustrations are charming and I don’t mind reading it over and over. And over.

Construction books for toddlers


I first read this to G at the bookstore before he turned two, and he wasn’t that into it. A few months later I checked it out from the library and he became obsessed. This is a cute story about Mr. Rally and his backhoe loader, and the five jobs he had to complete one workday. Fun read that also introduced G to list making, which made me very happy.

Construction trucks for toddlers

Build, Dogs, Build, Work, Dogs, Work, Dig, Dogs, Dig

Like so many construction stories, these books really emphasize teamwork and taking turns. Each truck having their own job is the perfect analogy for these lessons! This is a cute collection of books about a team of construction dogs and all the fun/trouble they encounter.

Truck books for little ones

Twenty Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street

This one includes some good exposure to numbers and counting as well as just being really fun.

Truck books for little ones

Digger, Dozer, Dumper

Hands-down, our favorite truck book to date. Clever, rhythmic, with cute illustrations that include every truck imaginable–this book has it all.

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Pregnancy journal #2: Here we go again!

by Lara on July 25, 2015

May 17, 2015

I was in bed all last week with the stomach flu. Today is the second day I’m feeling better. I lie in bed and realize it’s a bit early, but I could technically take a pregnancy test today. I don’t feel pregnant. I begin pondering the possible results of some testing Matthew is having done, and in my head, start composing an email to disappointed grandparents and family members telling them that G will be an only child. Catastrophizing is a common manifestation of my anxiety. Recognizing this, I do my best to stop my train of thought and make myself get up and pee.

I pee on the stick. I get back in bed. Back to the email. Many of you have asked, I am sure with the best of intentions, about a sibling for G…

I write in my head and screw around on my phone for a while before I realize it’s probably been at least ten minutes. I hear G downstairs asking when he can go up and see Mommy (bless my sweet husband for doing breakfast duty almost every morning) and figure I’ll throw the stick away and head down to the crew.

I check the test, fully expecting to toss it immediately. But then.

Whoa, baby.

The awe of a positive pregnancy test is no less shocking the second time around. My mouth drops. I smile-cry. I look up at the mirror and cringe at what my smile-cry looks like.

Here we go again!


May 19, 2015

We were lucky enough to get pregnant with Gray right away. Let me tell you, getting pregnant with your first child the first month you try gives you an invisible fertility super cape. It makes you feel like you can get pregnant again at any time, completely and instantly, at will. I purchased three maternity dresses and a big brother book before I had even ovulated.

…Which is why I didn’t take it very well when the magic didn’t happen RIGHT when I expected it to. It is also why, days later, I am still in shock that this is actually happening. I had really begun to convince myself that it would take much longer this time, or that it might not happen at all.

If all goes well, this baby will be almost exactly 3.5 years younger than G. I am lucky. I am grateful. I am terrified.

May 24, 2015 

I am suddenly huge. Not even five weeks pregnant and with an undeniably large midsection. What. The. Actual. F*ck. I have friends coming over for a barbecue in an hour and none of my pants fit. That’s right. Pants that fit me TWO F*CKING WEEKS AGO will not button today. I settle on a dress which is totally overkill for the occasion, but it zips and therefore it is a winner. Between the ridiculous outfit, the bloated stomach, and the lack of wine intake, I will certainly get called out as being knocked up.

Pregnancy journal #1 entries can be found here.

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