I Am Enough.

October 4, 2013

Do you ever just want to slap yourself? I have these moments a lot. In the process of moving into our new lovely home, I have found myself feeling oddly without.  My mother might say, I’ve had a mentality of scarcity.  It started with the kitchen faucet.  Stiff as a board, about ten years old, […]

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Moving With a Toddler

October 1, 2013

So, we grossly underestimated what moving would be like with a toddler.  I’m popping in to share some tips.  Here we go: Tips for Moving With a Toddler Don’t do it. If you are really thinking about it, see above. If you really must do it, beg, borrow, and steal as much help as you […]

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A Place to Call Home

September 25, 2013

If you ask my husband where he grew up, he will, without fail, stumble on his words a little as he tries to give an answer. It’s not because he’s inarticulate; it’s because he could rival any army brat with the number of places he called home as a child. Between three countries, he lived […]

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Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

September 16, 2013

“Birth is an experience that demonstrates that life is not merely function and utility, but form and beauty.” ~Christopher Largen I know what you’re thinking. “Pictures of my vagina?!  No thanks.” Except that’s not what birth photography is.  Birth photography is about so much more than the actual moment of birth.  In fact, there are […]

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Fun Stuff Friday

September 6, 2013

Source I’ve got a whole mixed bag of links for you today.  This is good stuff.  Enjoy. Why I’m Not Vegan, by Mark Bittman:  Food for thought. I don’t own my child’s body:  You’ll re-think yourself the next time you have the urge to say, “Give Auntie a kiss!” On Being a Mother and a […]

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G’s Naming Story

September 3, 2013

Source I’m one of those women that has been dreaming of baby names since I was a little girl playing MASH at slumber parties.  I always found girl names to be much easier (undoubtedly some sort of built-in gender bias), and my list of names for boys was always limited to whatever boy I had […]

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Top 10: Toddler Playroom Wishlist

August 27, 2013

Plans are currently underway to put together a killer playroom for our toddler, hopefully in time for what will surely be a rainy and cold Seattle winter.  I thought I would share the top ten elements I’m hoping to include. 1)  Crawl tunnel:  Even though he can now run circles around me, G still loves […]

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Knife Skills 101

August 22, 2013

Recently I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at a knife skills class; that is, learning to choose, use, and care for kitchen knives. I so enjoyed this class!  I learned a great deal in a short period of time.  My primary takeaway was that having good basic knife skills can negate the need […]

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Fun Stuff Friday

August 16, 2013

Source Because I’m sure there is a shortage of interesting things for you to view on the internet, here is what I’ve been reading this week: Stuff to read: The Gift of Siblings How to nurture a child’s soul 50 People You Wish You Knew in Real Life Stuff to think about: Going tech-free for […]

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Baby’s First Year: By the Numbers

August 15, 2013

40 weeks, 1 day of pregnancy and 36 hours of labor all for One perfect baby boy Weighing 7 lbs, 1 ounce Who, after 365 days, is now 19 lbs, 7.5 ounces and 30 inches long with 7 teeth We got there with 2,920 nursing sessions (and going strong!), 87 bottles of pumped milk, and very little […]

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